“On three?” we ask, as if three seconds is all it takes to prepare oneself to eat a grasshopper. I knew this was part of the cultural experience, so I chomped down and… spit it back out. Nope. Unless I can drown them in ranch, grasshoppers will not become a part of my daily diet. Fortunately, though, Puebla is bursting with cultural elements that do not come with legs attached. Below are pictures that provide a taste of what treasures are here in Puebla!

Looking out over Cholula
This is Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios. Out of respect, no cameras are allowed in the church. This is by far the most beautiful church I have been in. Gold, ornate details cover the entire inside and all of the art tells the story of Christ.
Technology is hard so try tilting your computer or your head to see this photo from the correct angle
These are the tunnels below the pyramid. The church sits on top of a pyramid to remind us that God is above all things. These are not for the claustrophobic


My host mom took us to a play about the history of Puebla. The play covered everything from traditional dances to Cinco de Mayo. It is incredible that Puebla can be a modern town but still keep in touch with its history
Throw what you know!


Here is me all ready to try this grasshopper. (I know you can’t see it but trust me, there are witnesses)
Me finally eating the grasshopper
Trying to decide how I feel about the grasshopper
Decided how I feel about the grasshopper

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