This weekend was our first excursion to the curious little town of Cuetzalan! The town sits on top of a hill surrounded by the jungle and the views are unlike anything I have seen in the United States. The town still has cobblestone streets and buildings from the 18th century, but at the same time people walk around with cellphones and Hollister shirts. Although small, quiet does not describe Cuetzalan. The streets are lined with people and artisans and you cannot walk anywhere without someone trying to sell you something. Once you make it past the handmade jewelry and the butcher’s tent with a pig head hanging from a stick, you will find a group performing an ancient ceremony. A group free-climbs a tall, rickety pole while instruments are played in the background. Once at the top, they latch onto rope and–in a great display of acrobatics–descend back to the ground.

For those who prefer a more secluded adventure, there are waterfalls just a few miles into the jungle. I recommend doing some cardio training before this adventure, but if you get too tired you can take the zip-line as a short cut. Unfortunately, the zip-line does not take you back up the trail because gravity doesn’t work that way.

From the food to the culture to the nature, Cuetzalan was the perfect weekend getaway!IMG_7485IMG_7486IMG_7489IMG_7491IMG_7503IMG_7510IMG_7512IMG_7520IMG_7527IMG_7530OPXK4658_Moment

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