A Weekend in Oaxaca

This weekend I finally got to know what it feels like to be on top of the world. All I could do was smile while I stood on top of the mountain overlooking ancient ruins. I learned so much at the archaeological site and in Oaxaca in general. Here’s a list of the important stuff:

  1. Mexico is beautiful. If you disagree, I challenge you to drive between Puebla and Oaxaca and not marvel at the landscape.
  2. The Zapotec Civilization had some weird traditions (like binding a baby’s head so that is grows into a cone shape). But, everything was built with a purpose and with super exact measurements. They built according to the sun and let nature guide their decisions. Plus, the traditions were probably worth it because it meant they got to call that mountaintop home forever.
  3. Plain Mezcal is awful. We went on a tour of a distillery and got to sample it. To describe the Mezcal, picture Tequila, but worse and mixed with nail polish remover. That’s about what it tastes like to me. I will say, though, the flavored Mezcal is pretty tasty.
  4. Eat all the food that you can. 10/10 recommend going to the buffet because it’s just rows of glorious food. People from Oaxaca really know how to cook.
  5. The manager at Hotel Casantica is a jerk. Instead of politely telling us to be quiet (for the record we were not even loud) he felt the need to use inappropriate language. I think he assumed we wouldn’t understand him. While our Spanish might not be perfect, we are a group of college students so you can bet we are fluent in expletives. Then, signs in English appeared all through out the hotel that said “silence, people sleeping.” Wow I am so sorry please forgive me for breathing. Mr. Manager please look forward to my *expletive* Yelp review.
  6. Being tall and blonde is about the same as wearing a sandwich board that says “I am a tourist.” A couple came up to me and wanted me to take a picture with their baby. So I just casually held a random couple’s baby and smiled. I really hope I end up in the family photo album and on her 18th birthday they tell her that I am someone super important.
  7. Make plans. I know the idea of being lost in a foreign city and going wherever the wind takes you is a romantic idea, but trust me it’s not fun. Don’t waste your time in a cool city waiting for something to present itself to you. Look up the best places for food, shopping, etc. and then from there let spontaneity arise. Otherwise you just have a bunch of hangry people walking in circles. (okay maybe it’s me that gets hangry but still, make plans)
  8. Oaxaca rocks and I wish I had more time there.
    We got to watch the process of the famous black clay pots! Everything is made by hand
    Santo Domingo
    View from the hotel


    Mezcal tasting

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