Teotihuacán around Mexico City

This weekend, as my classmate so eloquently said, was one giant nerd boner. I saw more history in three days than I have seen in my entire life and I loved every second of it.

Friday began with a tour of the historic district and I saw Diego Rivera’s murals in the National Palace depicting the history of Mexico. Vibrant and detailed, this wall-to-wall mural captures everything. Next we toured the Museum of Anthropology and explored all of the ancient civilizations from Olmec to Aztec and everything in-between. Saturday, however, was the best day. We visited Teotihuacán, an ancient city with pyramids dating back almost two thousand years. I learned two really fun facts:

  1. The agave plant native to that region is probably more useful than I am.  You can use it for paper, thread, piercings and, most importantly, pulque. Pulque is similar to beer but different and tastes worse. Luckily for me, though, I was able to chase my sample of pulque with a sample of tequila. It might have been 11 AM but I guess it’s always five o’clock somewhere. I also found it funny that they gave samples of pulque and tequila right before ushering us into the gift shop…It’s almost like they wanted us to buy things.
  2. Climbing a pyramid is a lot harder than it looks. OSHA regulations really should have existed back then because the steps are ridiculously tall and narrow and steep and I haven’t done cardio since April. But none of that matters when you get to the top because, not only can you see for miles, but you realize that you are standing on top of a pyramid that was built without modern technology and yet it still stands tall.

Sunday was the icing on the cake as we got to go to the Frida Khalo museum! If you wanted pictures inside her house, you had to pay money. So, please enjoy some lovely pictures of the courtyard/outside of the house at the bottom of this post.

Yet again technology is fighting me so please enjoy this sideways picture of Rivera’s mural
Diego Rivera
I took this photo right before I knocked over a pole. The purpose of the pole was to keep people from touching anything. That worked out really well for me apparently


It’s hard to capture the beauty and height of these in a picture


View from the top


Frida’s house


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